Salt-Free Water Softener Systems San Antonio

We believe you shouldn’t have to add nasty chemicals to achieve delicious, safe, and drinkable water in your home.

With our state-of-the-art salt-free Water Softener Systems Hyperion Cameleon, you can use green technology exclusive to our system to deliver bacteria and chlorine-free water to your home.

We use FDA and NSF approved materials, giving you the peace of mind your family deserves.

4-Stage Salt-Free Green Technology Refinement Process

Our 4-stage refinement process uses green technology to achieve salt-free water:

water softener systems san antonio


Achieve the complete removal of offensive odors, colors, and taste. This process also filter out chlorine using a coconut shell granular activated carbon.

water softener san antonio


This part of the process ensures the eradication of chloramines, iron, and hydrogen sulfide.


With KDF process media, the third step prevents the build-up of algae, controls bacterial fouling, and also features a 98% removal of lime and scale, as well as heavy metal.


The final stage of the process adds the health and taste element. The water will behave as ‘soft’ water, the pH achieves a neutral state, while water is given a ‘wetter’ and more oxygenated character.

Stage 4 Refinement Process with the The Purion®

The Purion® Water Conditioner is part of our salt-free refinement process, taking the role of Stage 4 Conditioning. This unit was specifically chosen for its many unique benefits:

  • It uses a patented magnetic water process that lowers corrosion in the water system.
  • It helps your faucets and pipes to last far longer.
  • The unit uses no chemicals. All you need to do is attach it to the waterline of your home.
  • No maintenance required.
  • The unit does not feature moving parts.
  • It should outlast the existing water system of your home!

Refiner Tank: Solid Build and Quality

We believe your refiner tank should be built to last many years without issue.

That’s why we have chosen a high-density polyethylene inner shell. It not only provides leak-proof service, it’ll also last for years.

We also use 22-gauge stainless steel for the outer cover. It looks slick, but it does more than that: the build is of solid construction, and combined with the external thermowound fiberglass windings, the unit has the strength to cope with a pressured environment of up to 120 psi.

Electronic Digital Control Valve

The electronic digital control valve featured on the Hyperion Cameleon water softener systems has several advantages:

  • Electronic backlit display. We wanted a display that is easy to see no matter where the unit is installed.
  • No gears to break. This makes the unit last longer.
  • Flow indicator.
  • The unit measures water usage. You’ll know exactly how much you use and when you use it.

Achieve Clean and Safe Water Today: Contact Us

You deserve clean and potable water that your entire family can drink without worry. We can make that happen with our Hyperion Cameleon model, which offers market-leading salt-free water softener systems in your home. We’d be happy to discuss your needs at length without pushing you to buy a product you don’t need. Our technicians care about water purity first, the sale second.