Water Purification Systems San Antonio

Our multi-stage Water Purification Systems are perfect for households looking to improve the taste of their water. Our systems also remove all bacteria and nasty impurities, making your home’s water safe to drink and use.

We can help customize our products to fit your specific requirements, whether you live in a smaller apartment or a larger property.

Our 5-stage Refinement Process

  • Granulated Activated Carbon. Cities use chlorine and chloramines to ensure the removal of bacteria. However, it’s not something you want in your drinking water. Our system removes this, improving taste and eradicating foul odors. Not only that, removing these chemicals lengthens the life of copper pipes, stops, and fixtures.
  • Hard to Soft. Our process removes all hardness in the water. We use a high-capacity commercial grade resin to ensure an effective and efficient process.
  • Filtration. Hyperion elite uses high quality aluminum silicate filters to deliver water at 20 micron range. Solids are removed from the water through the filtration process, giving you clean and tasty water for the entire household.
  • Neutralization. It’s important to adjust the pH of acidic incoming water to 0.3. Our synthetic zeolite achieves this consistently and reliably.
  • Clarification. We use a silica/quartz base to ensure water is polished to a level of sparkle you’ve never seen before!

Hyperion Elite

The Hyperion Elite range is state-of-the-art and offers an effective 5-stage refinement process.

Compared to other similar systems, this model range uses 50% less salt.

Both the refiner and salt tanks are FDA approved.

The Hyperion Elite also offers the following benefits:

  • 8-cycle regeneration process that’s thorough and efficient.
  • 4-directional cleansing for optimal refinement.
  • Glass-reinforced Noryl® glass for strength and durability.
  • Electronic backlit display.
  • Automatic system that calculates usage, reserve volume, and remaining capacity.
  • You can set the time of day as well as the hardness of your water.
  • 22-gauge stainless steel cover that’s built to last you many years.
  • Condensation is eliminated with the use of an atmospheric break.
  • The system is fully capable of withstanding a high pressure environment of 120 psi.
  • The system doesn’t require any active maintenance or management.
  • The Hyperion Elite has been built with an inner shell that features ultra high density. This means all leaks are prevented.


The Hyperion Elite model is essentially the same as our standard version. The only difference is that it comes with a 3 tank system. You’ll get the same 5-stage water refinement system as the original.


Our expert technicians are able to offer a full service within 24 hours. They are professional trained and have years of experience as water filter engineers. If you need help diagnosing your current system (any brand is fine!), want an estimate, or require service or maintenance to an existing Hyperion Elite installation, we are available to help.

water purification san antonio
water purification systems san antonio

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If you’re ready to make the transition to clean and potable water, give us a call to discuss your needs. We have experience in the installation of our multi-stage water purification systems in a wide variety of homes, from smaller apartments to large properties.