Time For a New Faucet | Which to Choose

You have made the decision that it is time for a new faucet for the kitchen however, you are not sure of what to do first. Do not feel lonely. Buying a faucet is not something people do very often. But just do not go out and grab the first one you see. This will take a little research to know what you are looking to buy. After you figure this out, you will be amazed at how easy it was to do. After you read the following tips the ability to make the right choice for buying a faucet will be a snap; the kind that will not soon be forgotten.Plumbing repairs For more information about Faucets visit the website of the local San Antonio Plumber
Question #1: Here is a very important question. Will you be replacing a Pegasus kitchen faucet or will there be a new one installed where there was none? Why is this so important? Because if there was already a faucet there it will have the necessary plumbing. If it had a faucet the new Pegasus faucet will require the same amount of holes. Counting these holes is an important step.

All in One Faucets

Does your sink have only one hole? Then, you’ll want to look for a one-piece (or single handle) faucet. One-piece faucets are those that integrate the handle and spout, and require just a single hole for the handle and spout piece (although they typically require a separate hole for an optional sprayer).

Faucet with Three Pieces

Do you have an older, traditional sink with three holes? If so, you probably have a two-handle faucet, having a separate hot and cold tap, and another another hole for the spout, and possibly even a fourth for the sprayer. Some kitchen sinks even have integrated sprayers and soap dispensers, which demonstrates the need to investigate the number of holes that much more obvious.

Question #2: How much space do you have? Before you purchase among the wide range of Pegasus kitchen faucets, you’ll want to measure the area in which the new faucet will be installed so that you’ll be sure it fits the space before you install it.dripping faucet repair san antonio

Question #3: What type of handles do you prefer? With typical kitchen faucets, you’ll have either a single handle that rotates one way or the other to change the temperature, or two handles where one handle controls the hot water while the other controls the cold water. One-piece faucets usually have either a handle that’s attached directly to the faucet or a handle that is positioned to the side where a sprayer would typically be. Selecting the one that’s right for you is completely a matter of personal choice.

Question #4: When choosing from all the Pegasus faucets available which one suits the way you want your kitchen to look and fits with your dcor? Since they are available in such as wide variety it sometimes makes this a difficult decision. Many opt for the simple faucet when choosing the one they are going to install. Often they will choose one that closely resembles the one that was taken out. These typical faucets are normally very basic and have chrome plating. The old faucet was one they were used to seeing everyday and they may not want to replace it with something fancy or too far off from the original. There are those who like trying new looks and may choose a quite fancy design or even a European type of faucet carried by Pegasus, Kohler and Moen which are quite elegant. The high end look that you may want to create are available from Pegasus who carries a nice variety of styles which includes brushed nickel and chrome. The Pegasus brand of faucet is a private label from Home Depot This will be easily found online as well as in the physical stores.

Question #5: What type of sprayer will you choose? The choices are: All in one or separate from the faucet. The difference comes down to which one you prefer as one is just as good as the other.

Question #6: Do you use your sink for washing oversized pots and pans? Many people who like to cook use oversized pans. The kitchen faucet with a longer neck will allow you to put these larger pots and pans in the sink for washing. plumber san antonio

Question #7: Would you prefer to have a water filter?

This can be a preference of some people who would rather filter their own water than pay for bottled water. The built-in filter will allow you to get clean, healthy water whenever you want it. Even those faucets which do not come with a built-in filtering system can usually be fitted with one.

Question #8: Will you have your kitchen faucet professionally installed or will you do-it-yourself? The reason this question is important is because of the complexity differences between different models of sinks. With some faucets, the units mount from the sink top whereas others mount from the bottom. As you can imagine, the steps for installing both are quite different. Another factor to consider is that there are four main types of faucet mechanisms: 1) ball valve, 2) ceramic disk, 3) compression valve, and; 4) cartridge. The type of faucet you choose won’t make a big difference day-to-day, but some faucet mechanisms are easier to repair than others. If this is a DIY (do-it-yourself) project, be sure to do your homework and choose wisely. Find more information from you Plumber in San Antonio