No homeowner ever wants to deal with a plumbing pipe burst. But unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a pipe to burst and cause severe flooding and damage. Sometimes there are several reasons why a pipe can burst, such as a crack in the pipe due to pressure, corroded pipes, and a pipe that froze and expanded and then burst. If you have a burst pipe, it is important to know what you should do to prevent further damage and services

Here are some tips for handling a burst pipe:

1. Once you discover that you have a burst pipe, turn off the main water supply. You can turn off the water at the water meter or at the main water valve in the basement.

2. Now the next step is to drain the water system so that the water stops flooding the home and causing more damage. This is done by turning off all of the taps in the home and flush the toilet. This action will help the water drain from the pipes much more quickly. If there is water coming from the ceiling and causing a bulge, you can make a hole in the bulge and hold a bucket under it to catch the excess water.

3. If there is a leak is near electrical appliances, it is a must that you turn off the electricity because it could be dangerous. If the water is near a light fixture or switch, remove the appropriate fuse.

4. Cut off the central heating and water heater. Once the water heater is cut off, turn on the hot water taps; it will reduce pressure in the pipes and help drain the water.

5. After there is no more water spilling into the home and there is no danger of water leaking into appliances and water heating systems, you can begin to look for the source of the pipe burst. You will be able to provide the plumbers with important information when you make the call for emergency service.

6. Now call us. A burst pipe is a serious problem and should be repaired by a professional plumber. Plumbers have the knowledge, experience, and tools to perform a quality repair job.plumber

When a pipe bursts, it is important to quickly and efficiently take the steps to stop further damage. Once you have taken the steps to minimize damage and threats such as water leaking into live wires, it is vital that you call a plumber. Plumbers understand that an emergency can take place at any time of the day and night so they have 24-hour emergency services. Also, because a burst pipe is a serious emergency, it is important to have a professional make the repair to ensure there are no future problems. A plumber can also inspect the pipes for any other damage that you may not have noticed and make sure the system is running properly after a repair job has been completed.

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