Water Heaters Repairs and Service

Our tenured and licensed plumbers are highly-experienced with installing any type of water heater. Even though we have the capability of doing this, we still strongly recommend our customers to start using tankless water heaters in order to save more money and have an endless supply of hot running water.

Tankless water heaters are widely-used in different countries in Europe and in Asia because this type of water heating system does not require that much power to run, space to use and can last up to two decades.san antonio water heaters More information about Water Heaters here @ https://chamblissplumbing.com/water-heater/

Since we are battling through a rough economy here in Texas,
using a tankless water heater is the best way to make ends meet.

What types of water heaters can I get?

Tank-type water heaters are usually common around a typical American household. Tank-type water heaters are usually powered by propane, heating oil, electricity, and gas. The most common types are the electric and gas-powered water heater.

Then, we have the tankless water heaters. These types of heaters are designed to automatically heat water without the need of storing it. They are also designed to be very compact to minimize the use of space and more energy-efficient than the conventional tank-type water heater. The only cons of owning this type of water heater is the expensive installation costs.

Gas-powered water heaters vs Electric Water Heaters?

It is not about which is better to use but it’s more about how the advantages of using gas-powered or electric-powered heaters can benefit you.

Here are the benefits of using gas-powered heaters and electric-powered heaters to help you decide:

Gas-powered heaters don’t consume that much energy to use and it is really cheap to buy natural gas
Gas-powered heaters can heat water faster
Gas heaters should be placed away from flammable liquids, otherwise, you will be facing a fire any time soon.
Electric-powered water heaters do not need gas refills to work, but they’re a bit expensive to buy and maintain.
The electric-powered water heater is manufactured in different sizes and it is easy to install anywhere.
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What size of water is best for me or my family?

As you know by now, heaters are manufactured in different sizes to fit everyone’s needs. To choose the best size for a water, think about how big is the place where you will install the heater and how many will be using the hot water supply. But usually, a typical family of four living in a typical 2-bedroom home is most likely to get a 40-gallon water heating system to satisfy their hot water needs.

What can I do to make my heater last for years?

Start a habit of draining your water heater every other week to clean the bottom part, so that you tone down the sediment build-up. Lowering the sediment build up can prevent your heater from overheating that can cause your heater to have a short life.

How long can a heater last?

It really depends on how much maintenance you are willing to do for your heater. It really depends, the longest time I know of is 12 years. To make sure your heater will last a decade or more, you will need to check for rusts and other signs of wear and tear to prevent them from shortening your heater’s life span. If you need more information about our Plumbing Company in San Antonio click here please @ https://chamblissplumbing.com