Is your Bathroom Just Blaah

Is your bathroom no more than a room where you shower or bathe? Do you not give much thought to its appearance or how it can really be used? Why not think of it instead as your own little private sanctuary—a place to escape to! Nothing is better than after a long, hard day at work to have a place where all that stress can be relaxed away and your spirits can be rejuvenated.plumber

There aren’t many places in your home where you can actually escape the rest of the family. Young children are seemingly always underfoot and it can be hard to get time to yourself. It’s always important to seek out a little time to unwind. Your bathroom provides the perfect spot to do this, but for it to be relaxing, you need to create the right atmosphere.

Get Rid of That Cold, Sterile Look

Sometimes bathrooms end up looking like, well, no more than just a bathroom. Is it complete with stainless-steel towel racks and toilet-paper holders—the works? Pretty much everything in the bathroom is basic and straightforward, with nothing fancy. If this describes your bathroom, then this is where you need to start.

There are many ways to soften the look. Start by adding wrought-iron towel racks or white or pastel-colored wood. The walls can be painted a soft, relaxing shade, such as lavender or sea foam. Carpet in the bathroom is always nice, or go with colorful ceramic tiles. Especially if your linoleum is plain-looking and hardly noticeable, consider updating your floors.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

It’s not uncommon for a large bathroom mirror to look a little stark. Does your mirror just hang there with nothing around it? Then perhaps it’s time to make a change. If you can, invest in a mirror trimmed with gold edges, or place wallpaper border around the one you have. Using a border that contrasts with the color of the walls will create some interest. You might even think about changing the shape of your mirror completely. For instance, by adding an oval mirror you can create a romantic look.bathroom remodeling

Decorate the Tub

Spruce up that tub, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a garden tub or one with wide edges. Start by arranging greenery around the edges. Try adding small ceramic pots filled with herbs and greenery for an inviting look. Once you add some votive candles, you’ll be ready to soak in a tub filled with bubbles. And the delicious scents of the candles will help float your worries away. Once you light a few candles and fill the tub, nothing is quite like bathing in the warm glow of candlelight.

Accents Pull It All Together

The best way to pull your new bathroom all together is with a few accents. For instance, you might add an oblong or square basket that can be used to hold a few bath towels. If you have room, add a small table, painting it a contrasting color and decorating it with stenciled flowers and greenery around the edges. You might also add a few clear glass containers that can hold cotton balls, Q-tips, and other items. If you have any attractive body splash and lotion bottles, you might display them as well. You can also add more plants, more candles—just make the décor your own.

It’s so much more relaxing to bathe in a room that’s both exquisitely beautiful and wonderfully smelling. Why jump into the tub, only to jump right out again? Instead, you can take the time to relax, unwind, and thoroughly enjoy yourself. All you need is your favorite book or magazine and a glass of wine, and this can be the most peaceful part of your day. Remember, bathrooms are anything but boring. More information on this website