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How to Unclog a Toilet
The in-laws are due at the door in an hour and the toilet won’t flush. It is too late to call a plumber and you can’t pretend you’re not home. Don’t panic. You can do this. You can unclog a toilet.Plumbing services

Having a clogged toilet is one of the more common toilet problems you will face. Luckily it is quite often an easy fix. First things first – DON’T KEEP FLUSHING. If the water doesn’t drain the first time, you won’t improve the situation by jiggling the handle. Open the back of the toilet and make sure the chain that connects the handle to the plug is in tact. If so, replace the lid and follow these easy steps:
1. Don’t head straight for the hard stuff. High powered diffusers may not be necessary. Try some dish soap. A few squirts into the basin followed by hot water might work. The idea is to raise the temperature of the existing water which is weighing on the clog. Let the hot water sit. If the toilet is still clogged, it’s time to use a toilet plunger.
2. When choosing a plunger don’t skimp. A few extra bucks for the heavy-duty variety will save you from standing in your own sewage later. Insert the plunger so that the rubber stopper covers the hole completely. Use your weight to press down firmly but slowly. You are not operating a jackhammer here. It is important that the plunger is submerged as forcing air into the drain will not be effective. Pull up sharply, and repeat the motion. The alternating pressure and suction will gradually dislodge the clog.
3. Still having problems? It may be time to hide in the closet until your in-laws take the hint and stop knocking. Better yet, while you’re in there grab a coat hanger! Unravel the ends of a wire hanger and stretch the wire until it is reasonably straight. Insert one end into the drain and twist. This will work well for a stubborn obstruction a few inches deep. Be careful her or you may end up with a scratched toilet.unclogging a toilet
4. If we’re talking about more than a few inches you can purchase an auger to unclog the toilet, commonly called a “snake,” at your local hardware store. An auger is a flexible coil of wire with a crank on one end and a rounded bulb of wire on the other. Unlike a crude wire hanger, an auger will not scratch the porcelain and is capable of retreating into the drain for several feet. A plumber will more than likely use an auger. Simply feed the “snake” into the drain, and twist. More information on this website